Our kindergarten classes are for children from 2,5 to 4 years. Our programme is adapted to the needs of each individual child within a personalized framework, which identifies weaknesses, skills and strengths of each personality to ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach towards each child and his/her smooth integration in our group.

A child might not yet be able to speak , but it has been proven that they can perceive and gather information from their immediate surroundings  from a very early age. A child receives stimuli through age- appropriate activities, which in turn affect, cultivate and shape its development.


According to the comprehensive interdisciplinary framework studies for the kindergarten we implement appropriate programmes and principles as to:

  • To cultivate the meaning of cooperation.
  • Activate and enrich their imagination and creativity through individual and group play.
  • Gain practical experience in both individual and group tasks.
  • Show development in all areas: social emotional, mental, psychomotor.
  • Enrich both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Get accustomed to new language concepts (oral communication and activities related to the development of writing and reading)
  • Get accustomed to mathematical concepts such as: grouping of objects, classifications, matching, shapes and symmetries.
  • Get accustomed to aesthetic education,which includes art,drama, puppet theatre, music and music motor education with the aim of developing and cultivating expression.