Bus Service: The  bus schedule and the exact pick-up  and drop-off points for the children  are determined at the time of the child’s enrolment. If your child is absent from school or in case of any other change,you must contact either the bus attendant on the school bus phone or directly the school office at Paizo Kai Mathaino. The children are handed over  by the bus attendant directly to the parent or the person indicated by the parent at a pior arrangement. If a different person should pick up the child, then the parent must contact the school office in advance and specify the identification details of that person.

Bus Routes: Rhodes Town, Ixia, Ialysos, Kremasti, Paradeisi, Thelogos, Soroni, Damatria, Maritsa, Pastida, Faliraki, Koskinou, Kalithies, Afandou, Kolimbia. As punctuality is necessary for the smooth operation of our bus service , we ask all parents to cooperate in this matter. No changes to the existing bus schedule can be made.

Nutrition :
All meals ( breakfast and lunch) are prepared in our kitchen and every trimester you are given a detailed menu signed by the nutritionist and pediatrician of Paizo Kai Mathaino. Parents are informed daily about the amount of food their child has eaten as well as the child’s activities.


Our staff are trained educators (kindergarten and nursery school teachers, gym teacher)


Our pediatrician cooperates with our school once a month

Speech Therapist


Our nutritionist organizes experiential seminars for the parents and provides professional knowledge.


The will be a daily update through our computer application. There is also a predefined consultation day for parents to address our educators directly.