The infant section embraces the most sensitive and tender age of a child. Our main concern is the tranquility, safety, care and hygiene of our infants. In this group each infant has his own sleep and feeding time schedule.

Infants are not yet able to speak , but it has been proven that they can perceive and gather information from their immediate surroundings  from a very early age. Stimulating activities at this age are well perceived by the children and affect, cultivate and shape the infants’ development.

Having created the appropriate conditions, we consider that we have met our goals, which are the comprehensive and balanced development of the infant that will help it to develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially


  • For the infants to cultivate their sensory organs and perception.
  • For the infants to recognize their physical abilities through their mobility.
  • To interact with their living environment (socio-emotionality).


These goals are achieved through various activities adapted to the infantile age as:

  • Music-motor skill exercises, sports
  • Singing
  • listening to fairy tales
  • Art (first contact with materials such as : finger paints, crepe paper, oil pastels and others) to develop fine motor skills.