Our kindergarten falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and we follow the interdisciplinary framework for kindergarten studies. Wonderful fun games slowly prepare our children to recognize letters and numbers. English and computer lessons will continue with the difference that this year lessons will be held twice a week.  Drawing, sculpting and lots of playtime, music education, traditional games,music and dances all enhance our programme. We organize many outings whether it be educational or recreational excursions , a visit to the theatre or a museum. In each case you will receive a written update. The update will be accompanied by a written statement of consent for your child’s participation in the activity. The signed statement must be sent back to us.


  • For our children to mature emotionally, to develop their self- esteem, the spirit of acceptance , friendship and cooperation with other children and educators.
  • Realize their uniqueness, identify similarities and differences with others and learn to respect them.
  • Adopt the goals and rules of their new social surroundings  and learn to understand how to move in the new social environment.
  • Cultivate and enrich their native language to develop the ability to read and write.
  • Develop their mathematical thinking through understanding of basic mathematical concepts and especially through learning how to compare , relate, combine and measure.


  • Become familiarized with simple, basic PC functions.
  • Learn to express themselves creatively through visual arts and experience the joy of individual creation.
  • Through contact with various art forms such as theatre, music, dance and movement, children feel happy as they physically exercise and at the same time get the chance  to activate their fantasy, learn to explore and approach things methodically and develop critical thinking.
  • Participate in activities that promote their physical development and help aquire healthy habits.